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In some parts of South Africa, the Municipalities allow you to push your excess electricity back into the grid, giving you credit from Eskom to use on those rainy days.


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Fill in the form above and tell us your power needs so we can calculate the size of your solar system. We will help you find the best plan to meet both your budget and solar needs.


Professional Installations

The packages on our online store exclude installation costs for the D.I.Y fanatics. But for the rest of us, our professional team is just waiting to be of service to you.
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Project Management Services

Are you looking at doing a bigger project and need the help of an experienced project manager? Get in touch with Steph to set up a meeting: +2783 458 0605 or
via the Contact Us page

Let us Show You how Your Solar System will Pay for Itself and More!

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With more than 30 years experience in engineering and project management, Steph Van Jaarsveld a registered Pr.Eng, decided to start SA Solar Systems. With a passion for high quality products, fitting your pocket and loving the concept of free energy from nature! ”It’s amazing how we have the technology to turn the sun rays into usable electricity! It’s like a miracle from nature.”