Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The product information and specifications as well as any guidelines offered on this web site are designed to provide general information only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, SA Solar Systems does not hold itself liable for any incidents relating directly or indirectly to the materials published within this site or any of the web links contained in this site.

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The use of or access to this website constitutes the user’s acceptance of terms and conditions hereof, which are binding on the user and take effect on a date which the user first makes use of, or accesses the SA Solar Systems website.

Customer Service  POLICY:

We build our reputation by supplying quality products and providing excellent service. We offer full local support on all our products. Our products have been selected and tested for reliable use in the harsh African environment.

Our highly trained technical consultants are able to offer professional advice on PV solar and hybrid system designs, inverter backup systems as well as sound product advice. 

Our policy is to provide our clients with peace of mind by ensuring that our reliable and cost-effective products, efficient service and product warranties meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Motto – We deliver!! We never walk away!!

Quality Assurance and Quality Control  POLICY:

At SA Solar Systems we pride ourselves in the highest standard and quality of work. We have experienced professional engineers and technicians that ensure the consistent, accurate and correctly designed solutions for your peace of mind.

SA Solar System Management is committed to full quality assurance through proper inspection and testing prior to installation or sending of products to customers, to ensure fully functional systems.

Standard Warranty -Terms And Conditions for Products:

Note: All installations done by SA Solar Systems will have a standard 6 month workmanship and functionality warranty.

1. All product warranties are manufacturing warranties. This means that faulty items are sent to the manufacturer where items are analysed in order to determine the nature of the defect. Depending on their conclusions, items may be replaced or repaired. Please note that manufacturers may take two to four weeks to return replaced or repaired items. Note that Solar Edge inverters carry a standard 12 year warranty and solar panels and optimisers carry a 20 year warranty.
2. Warranties on all Inverters, batteries, optimisers and related components will only be honoured with proof of an electrical compliance certificate (COC) stating that the system was installed by a registered electrician.
3. As the warranties on products may differ from each other, please enquire from the respective branch what the specific manufacturing warranty is for the product you intend to buy.
4. Due to uncontrolled power surges which may occur, there are no warranties/guarantees on any LED products. A one-year warrantee can be secured by adding a 20% levy to the total price.
5. Refunds/Exchanges on any electronic products (Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters and Power Systems) will only be considered once a diagnostic evaluation report has been provided by the manufacturer/supplier which will determine whether it was an error on the manufacturing side or negligence on behalf of the client.
6. Any dis-functional products will need to be returned to SA Solar Systems for an evaluation in the items original packaging, along with the original packaging and the original invoice to determine whether or not the problem is a manufacture error in origin. Please note: that all customers that return goods which were received from a courier service provider will be held liable for the courier fee to ensure that the products reach SA Solar Systems office.
7.  As all the products that are sold through SA Solar Systems go through a quality control check before it is released to a client, SA Solar Systems will therefore not be held liable for any breakages or damages once the products have left the premises or given over to a courier service provider. If any damages occur while goods are in transit, it is the responsibility of the client/end user to contact the shipping service provider and log a query regarding any damaged goods.

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With more than 30 years experience in engineering and project management, Steph Van Jaarsveld a registered Pr.Eng, decided to start SA Solar Systems. With a passion for high quality products, fitting your pocket and loving the concept of free energy from nature! ”It’s amazing how we have the technology to turn the sun rays into usable electricity! It’s like a miracle from nature.”