General Description

Inverters are the heart of the load shedding backup and off grid systems.

It converts DC (Direct Current, as from batteries) into AC (Alternating Current as from Eskom), so that one may continue with all the normal appliances in a household or business.

Typical inverters available are from 1000W to 10 000W.

Pure sine wave inverters are more expensive however, are also more versatile to run all appliances as per Eskom power.

Product Technical Data and Detailed Description


High quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000W~6000W solar Inverter:

  • 3 times Peak power
  • 35/70AMP built in charger.
  • 12V-24V-48VDC, 500W-8000W, UPS function

LW Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes high frequency converter Device. Zero Voltage(ZV) and soft switch technic, high capability Motorola MCU, digital and dummy combined technics which complete the voltage increase in one time and SPWM wave modemed Advanced circuit, high efficiency and compact size, small weight and super stability.

It is widely applied in wind generator, Solar battery pack set, house, vehicle, ship, navigation and places where lack of city power, mobile electricity work and telecommunications device, launch station, Emergency EPS.

Pure sine wave Inverters has no “repellency”  for the load, which can work well with fluorescent lamp, electromotor, microwave ovens, Induction cooker, refrigerator, air conditions and transformer.

With protection function like, DC input protect when pole wrong, AC input protection against over and low voltage, Output protection against over load, short circuit protection, DC input and AC output completely electric insulation.

Nominal Power1000W1500W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W
AC Input
Phase &


Single phase & Pure Sine Wave
Voltage110/120/130VAC or 220/230/240VAC
Acceptable Voltage   95-126VAC or 194-253VAC±4%
Low Line Disconnect85VAC±4% or 184VAC±4%
Low Line Re-connect95VAC±4% or 194VAC±4%
High Line Disconnect136VAC±4% or 263VAC±4%
High Line Re-connect126VAC±4% or 253VAC±4%
Frequency50Hz:41-54Hz  60Hz:51-64Hz
AC Output
Phase & waveformSingle phase & Pure Sine Wave (bypass mode sync to input)
Voltage110/120/130VAC or 220/230/240VAC±10%rms (bypass mode sync to input)
Frequency50Hz±0.3Hz 60Hz±0.3Hz (bypass mode sync to input)
Peak Power3 times of rating power
Short Circuit


Yes, shutdown after 10ms
Power Factor0.9-1.0
DC Input
Battery Voltage12VDC or 24VDC or 48VDC
Minimum Start


10VDC or 20VDC or 40VDC
Low Battery Alarm10.5±0.3vdc or 21±0.6vdc or 42±1.2vdc
Low DC input


10±0.3vdc or 20±0.6vdc or 40±1.2vdc
High DC input Alarm & Fault16±0.3vdc or 32±0.6vdc or 64±1.2vdc
High DC input


15.5±0.3vdc or 31±0.6vdc or 62±1.2vdc
MAX Charger


20A/35A/ 50A/75A/90A(According to the Inverter model)
System parameter
Battery Mode


Line Mode


power saverLoad <=25W (Enabled on “P/S auto” setting of Remote control)
Audible AlarmSounding when the heat sink’s tem is over 100ºC and shutdown after 30 seconds.
Over Load


110% <LOAD<150%, FONT 60s.< after Fault and 1s, every 0.5s beeps>

Load>150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 20s.

Protectionslow battery, over charging, over temp, over load
Operating Environment0-40ºC,0-90%RH(non-condensing)
Audible Noise<60dB
Net Weight(KG)16kg18kg20kg25kg39kg42kg49kg
Dimension L X W X H470 X223 X185mm650 X223 X185mm

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