Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels as an alternative energy source are commonly used for your home or business | Solar energy from the sun!

Solar panels are used to convert sun energy into electrical energy. The Photovoltaic cells convert the sun rays into electrical current. The current developed is DC (Direct current, as one gets from batteries) This current is available for direct use with DC powered devices like Cell phones or laptops and LED lights, and or to charge batteries.

One would require a solar charge controller to ensure constant voltage from the panels and to protect the equipment sensitive to variance in voltage.
Solar Panel Schematic diagram

Solar Panels Technical detailed product description:

Quick Details:

  • Certificate: ISO9001/14001,CE/TUV/UL
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Connector: MC4 compatible connector
  • Junction BOX: lP65 Ralated/Past the TUV certificate
  • Backing Color: White
  • Frame Color: Silver

Product Details:

300 W Panels:
Home Solar System | Solar Panels
Cell typePoly-crystalline (Mono-crystalline) silicon solar cell
Size1480*680*35 mm
Weight14.2 kg
Solar cell type156*156 mm
Number of cell (pcs)3*12 PCS
Maximum Power150 Wp
Actual measurement results144 Wp
Optimum operating voltage17.3 V
Optimum operating current8.67 A
Open ciruit voltage21.6 V
Short circuit current9.19 A
Power Tolerance1%-3%
Tempering glass thickness3.2 mm
Frame MaterialClear anodized aluminium frame
Operating temperature-40 C+85 C
Storage temperaturefrom-40 C~+85 C
Maximum wind resistance60m/s
Surface maximum load capacity200Kg/M2
Maximum hail load capacity25mm, 80km/h
Efficiency of panel14.50%

Manufacturing Plant:

Solar Panel Factory
Solar Panel Factory

Other Power Available:

TypeNominal PowerMax VoltageMax CurrentOpen-Circuit VoltageShort-Circuit CurrentModule SizeSolar cell  (MONO)WeightArrange
HP300M7230035.278.645.228.51956*992*5036 14.2 6*12

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