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SA Solar Systems is a South African based company that specializes in premium quality solar products. If you are passionate about solar energy / green energy then click "Shop Now" and browse through our store!

16 LED Outdoor Solar Light

ZAR 467

Solar Wall Down Light

ZAR 397

Cellphone Solar Power Bank

ZAR 357

Basic Portable Solar Survival Kit

ZAR 5 347

D.I.Y. Kit
Load Shedding Backup

ZAR 30 587

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SA Solar Systems is based in the Western Cape, providing solar system solutions across South Africa

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Our Motto

We deliver, we never walk away!

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Our Vision

To Provide Simple Yet  Effective Solar Systems Solutions  for home owners, small businesses and institutions who need consistent reliable power and are tired of being held ransom by electricity.

Make emergency power provision more accessible for everyone including campsites, guard huts, security lighting, farmers needing power at remote locations etc.


SA Solar Systems is a professional business that sells high quality products and offers fantastic customer service. I know the owner personally and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase solar energy products.
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About Post Author

With more than 30 years experience in engineering and project management, Steph Van Jaarsveld a registered Pr.Eng, decided to start SA Solar Systems. With a passion for high quality products, fitting your pocket and loving the concept of free energy from nature! ”It’s amazing how we have the technology to turn the sun rays into usable electricity! It’s like a miracle from nature.”